Kathleen is a plant based chef and Founder of ZumoChi Jun tea made in Austin, Texas. She attended Matthew Kenney Academy in Santa Monica, California and has a Plant Nutrition Certification from Cornell University.

My mission is to inspire others to restore through incorporating plant based fuel. It has been a lifelong journey to learn new recipes from different cultures and history. I love recipes with seasonal whole vegetables, fruits, herbs and fermentation. Stepping into the kitchen as a kid and cooking Filipino cuisine alongside my mom and grandma began a love for heirloom vegetables and using fresh herbs. We had bitter-melon, tomatoes, squash and long green beans whose vines grew to spill over our backyard fences and found its way into our meals.

On a trip to Japan, I became a huge fan of ceremonial matcha green tea and learned about it's health benefits.

I merged this idea with one of the fermented tea recipes I learned in culinary school. Months later I found a Jun tea recipe after experimenting with juicing, water kefir and other fermented drinks. This discovery lead to a unique botanical product to launch in Texas utilizing premium green tea, local raw honey, a Jun tea culture and combining flavors with fresh whole fruits, herbs and vegetables.


I currently work as a Perfusionist and see heart disease from an extreme perspective in surgery. It has been a dream to become a full time chef and create healthy recipes. My healthcare profession, participation in endurance sports and a severe allergy attack 3 years ago inspired me to investigate how incorporating whole plant foods in my daily meals could heal my body and fuel it.

With this research, I hope to develop more products. The first launch is a Jun Tea.

Drink and eat nothing less than flavorful, seasonal and fresh. I hope you celebrate, slow down and stop to enjoy a Jun tea with a bountiful meal and good company. Cheers to your health!



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