ZumoChi Jun Tea is a Whole Body Refresher handcrafted in Austin, Texas

We are committed to using local community sustained agriculture that is organic fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, sourcing fair trade tea and dried herbs.

As we develop new elixirs from our green tea base recipes, we are motivated to educate our clients on how to incorporate super foods into their daily routine. It is our hope to offer nutrition packed recipes using plant based ingredients.

How do I pronounce Jun?

It is pronounced like Joon.

What is ZumoChi?

"Zumo" means juice and "Chi" means energy. Each component defines the intention behind our recipes. The Zumo component is using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients when possible. The Chi component is the energy that each individual element of the recipe contributes to increase the potential of the Jun. The "Flower" Kanji is used to symbolize the merging of the two components of the camellia sinensis tree and floral nectar gathered by the bees. The result is a nourishing elixir full of vitality. Our fermented Jun tea is restorative and energizing. Depending on the seasonal ingredient, each Jun has its own unique tasting notes: savory, aromatic and herbaceous.

What is Whole Body Refresher

Refresher refers to a tasty cold carbonated beverage that happens to consist of natural probiotics from the fermentation process. Whole Body refers to probiotic benefits in your gut.

What is Jun tea fermentation?

An aerobic process utilizing a Jun scoby, raw honey, water, tea, oxygen, low ph, time and temperature controlled environment. Fermentation and unpasteurized under these specific conditions creates the ideal environment for an increase population of beneficial probiotic strains.

What is a Jun elixir?

A Jun elixir is made from premium green tea, purified water, local raw honey, proprietary heirloom symbiotic culture of bacteria that is fermented and mixed with fresh and dry ingredients to create a carbonated beverage.

Who shouldn't drink ZumoChi?

Individuals with known allergies to raw honey containing natural pollens, etc. Children under age one or mothers nursing. Understand and read all the ingredients listed and consult with your healthcare physician if you have any questions consuming raw honey and fermented tea base recipes that are unpasteurized.

The components of a ZumoChi elixir


Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. A community of strains that live and grow together in harmony creating a scaffold of probiotic culture. This culture is passed down from each layer of new regeneration of bacteria and yeast and utilized again in the next fermentation process. The Jun strain is predominantly bacteria and the yeast origin naturally occurs from the honey ingredient used during fermentation. The final Jun fermented base product has a ratio of viable probiotic bacteria strains of gluconobacter, lactobaccillus and yeast.

Types of Tea

Green, white, yellow, pu-erh, oolong, black, Kukicha tea come from the Camellia Sinensis tree harvesting the buds, leaves or stems for use of the production of tea. Each tea delivers unique benefits and flavor because of varying growth locations in the world, the month the tea leaf and buds are harvested and how each type has been processed or unprocessed using oxidation. Each type of tea has an ideal brew temperature and time.


During fermentation process the Jun strain needs oxygen to metabolize.


A recipe of live viable beneficial bacteria that supports and restores the body.

Raw Honey

Unprocessed and not heated above 95F, therefore unpasteurized and at the natural temperature of a working bee hive. It is also not micro filtered but lightly strained. Therefore, the honey has more viable beneficial enzymes. Depending on the region were the bees gather the nectar, the honey has a variable and distinctive flavor profile.

Raw Honey Fermentation

The honey can begin to ferment if it has been hydrated with over 19% water. In this recipe we add the honey to a specific environment of a probiotic strain, oxygen, low ph and temperature over a period of time. The honey will continue to ferment unless the process is stopped.

What is purified water?

Purified water is filtered to take out all the chloramines, chloride and other contaminates.

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